Getting Tresiba® Ready
Tresiba® is a once-daily ultra-long-acting insulin. Tresiba® is similar to the insulin made by your body and helps your body to reduce your blood sugar level.
Tresiba® offers the flexibility of once-daily dosing at any time of the day.
Life can be unpredictable—if you forget or mistime a dose, take your Tresiba® as soon as you remember, keeping in mind there should be at least 8 hours between your doses.
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Tresiba® comes in the preferred and easy-to-use FlexTouch® pen
200 Units/mL, which delivers a maximum of 160 Units per injection, counting up by 2 Units
100 Units/mL, which delivers a maximum of 80 Units per injection, counting up by 1 Unit
Get to know Tresiba®
Tresiba® dosing considerations
Together with your healthcare team, you will decide:
How much Tresiba® you will need each day and when to take it.
When to measure your blood sugar levels and how to adjust your dose based on the results.
Make Tresiba® part of your daily routine:
For example, your healthcare team may recommend testing your blood sugar level and dosing your Tresiba® as part of your morning routine
When using insulin, there is a chance that your blood sugar may get too low. This is called hypoglycemia, and it happens when you either have too much insulin or not enough sugar in your body.

To help reduce the risk of getting low blood sugar, it is important to take your insulin as instructed by your healthcare team and let them know if you want to change your diet or exercise routine.
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#1 dispensed basal insulin as prescribed by Endocrinologists*
Find out if Tresiba® is covered in your province!
Covered by most provincial formularies across Canada
SK MB AB ON QC NB NF PE NS NIHB Alberta Drug Benefit List (regular benefit) Saskatchewan Drug Plan (full formulary benefit) Manitoba Pharmacare (open [Part 1] benefit) ODB (general benefit) RAMQ (general benefit) New Brunswick Prescription Drug Plan (regular benefit) PEI Pharmacare (open benefit) Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (open benefit) Nova Scotia Pharmacare (full benefit) NIHB (open benefit)
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